Veredus Magnetik Stable EVO (Front Pair)


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Horse Boots and Bandages



  • Anatomically designed stable boots fitted with permanently magnetised Neodymium plates
  • Breathable Neoprene outer with Micro-Holes (AEROX), a practical and effective alternative to traditional bandages
  • Closure with support for suspensors and tendon system retaining action to limit typical after-work swelling
  • DFD ® (Dry Fast Dry) interchangeable underpad, secured with Velcro. DFD is a highly absorbent fabric able to remove moisture better than any natural or synthetic fibre. The moisture created by the body is rapidly absorbed by the DFD and removed from the skin which stays dry
  • Fetlock protector in polyurethane, to reduce contact wear
  • Velcro straps with elastic support for comfort and adherence
  • Very practical and functional, this boot is time saving and avoids dangerous bandaging mistakes
  • Each boot is fitted with: Neodymium magnetized plates, 35 Gauss each plate, 10 on the tendon and 4 on the fetlock


Magnetotherapy is a medical method that uses magnetic fields to treat several pathologies in man and animals.  Body cells, whose fundamental task is the production of energy, have an electric voltage that feeds coordinated activity in body tissue and organs.  In the event of internal or external injury, cell activity is compromised and the consequences are inflammation, pain, etc.  The creation of a magnetic field by means of permanently magnetised NEODYMIUM plates helps restore the biological energy, slowing down the physiological deterioration of tissues.  Magnetic fields favour and facilitate lymphatic and blood microcirculation, the change and use of nutrient substances by the cells, the natural biological defence system and the elimination of metabolic waste matter.  Moreover, magnetic fields provide significant benefits in all inflammatory processes which are often accompanied by pain. The benefit is obtained through a reduction of the inflammatory process and, at the same time, an analgetic action on the tissue nerve fibres.  Magnetotherapy stimulates vasodilatation, i.e. increases the blood flow to the injured part, speeds up the elimination of dead cells and toxins, relaxes the muscles and reduces swelling.  Static magnetic energy also stimulates the production of ELASTIN and COLLAGEN, which are indispensable elements for the reconstruction of tissues.

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce swelling
  • Promote tissue alkalization
  • Increase tissue oxygenation
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