Ergonomic 1/2 Pad – Coolback Dressage White


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The Matrix™ line is part of Toklat's T³ system - products that are ergonomically designed using the principals of biokinetics and technologically advanced materials. The result is a pad that works with the horse's musculoskeletal system, allowing freedom and fluidity of movement.

By adding optional inserts, you are able to build the pad that your horse needs to provide orthopedic protection and contribute to overall performance.

This model is designed for use with Dressage saddles. It features Etc fabric under the saddle area, coolback trim, a polycotton upper and breathable padding. It is machine washable and dryer safe (remove any inserts before washing).

The T³ bio-kinetic inserts are purchased separately, and available in Pro-Impact, Lo-Impact, Ortho-Impact  models - depending on you and your horse's needs.
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